Sultansazlığı(Sultanmarhes bird paradise)

100 € pax/day
The Prices Include:Transportation,Professional guiding, Lunches  ,Admission fees to the museums and sights,taxes

This tour (our) is a follow-up of Soğanlı Tour. By a short travel from Soğanlı, we arrive Yeşilhisar district. We have an amazing tour at Yay Lake of Erciyes foothills and Sultansazlığı(Sultanmarshes). Motorboats can’t operate because reeds stick to the rotors in reed bed, so we use canoes with rods.
We walk around a habitat where a million birds of 301 species and 20000 flamingos live.
Because it has both sweet and salt water ecosystems that are rare in step ecosystem and being a intersection point of 2 main migration routes between Africa and Europe, it is one of the preserved areas in our country. This zone has a substantial plant cover. Besides, Sultansazlığı has 301 bird species and is the second important bird sanctuary after Manyas Lake, has an ideal environment for many birds in terms of feeding, sheltering, housing and incubating.Sultansazlığı is one of the 7 important wetlands of our country. Sultansazlığı has a natural life as A category, because of this quality, it takes part among the some important wetlands where are included into ‘International Ramsar Contract’. If we are lucky, we see numerous birds, even crane, lair and eggs. We promenade the Bird Museum is established near the reed bed and Bird Observing Tower, then we will be the guests of Ovaçiftlik villagers who live off the reed bed. The lotus is on us.